Friday, August 6, 2010


or lack thereof. I miss you, you tormenting temptress. Or, perhaps I really do not miss you, but just wish you would pick one or the other. Let me sleep or keep me awake.
Nevermind the fact the youngest was laying on top of my head, attempting greatly to nosh upon my scalp/hair. I would (if not so worried she would choke on my hair) let her do whatever she wanted to her hearts content, but when it comes to the length of hair...not a good idea imo.
Ponderments of the day, was asked last night if I was ever going to have children or wanted them. Something anymore these days I'm on the fence about. I'll continue to be content at this moment with my kitties. I don't really feel the need for more than that at this time.
I get the early a.m. feedings, the messy boxes, the puking, the crying, the playing/ruckus....tis enough for now, yes, yes it is. :)

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