Thursday, August 26, 2010


some much needed sleep. Granted I had to sleep in rediculiously late, but the past several days of being woken up at 5 a.m. had caught up with me. Instead of completely playing around, Cordelia actually would snuggle under the blanket with me. Maybe it is the fact I took the belled collar off her (and Bella) for the flea treatments. (ew!)

Fleas...Haven't seen many (thankfully) of course I do not trust them. This summer has sucked in that regard. Really, not too much to complain about, but you know it hasn't helped it in general.

Bought a little cat bed for Cordelia. I had put it in the corner (on the floor) where she will sometimes lie. Well...Bella Mae has fallen in love with it. Where ever I put that cat bed, she is on it. It was on this little stool that my mum caned years ago...I heard all this crinkling and stuff and wondered 'what the?!' Here Bella Mae was, getting herself comfy on the bed on top of the little 'perch'. When she is in love, she is in love. Not that I want her to think I want her sleeping on the floor. >.<

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