Saturday, September 11, 2010

I came back

from the brink of feeling like utter bleh. Granted it took me about a week to fully recover, I have gotten better. Still tired, still easily wiped out, but overall I'm good.
What does this have anything to do with cats?
Well, seriously, Bella Mae has been a mamma's girl over the past few days. I'm on the couch, she's right there with me, napping away. I'm in bed taking an extra long nap, she's right there nappn' with me. Purring away, licking my arm, and being over-all, cute.
Not saying that Cordelia has not helped me, she's been a welcome diversion to my feeling sick and wimpy. Playing with her at least once a day provided me with some welcome routine and bonding time in general.
Also, during my sickiness, I did some window shopping and found the Ultimate Scratching Post for several dollars less online than in store at PetCo. So, whodoya think got herself a big, tall scratching post to climb on? All I can say is thank you mr. UPS man for bringing it to my side of the apartment-house AND for knocking on my door n' such. I was a hot mess, and more than likely would've fallen all over myself if I had to carry it. I did manage the minor assembly.
Overall, this week and especially the past few days have been therapeutic and eye-opening for me. I hadn't been so sick in several years, and it is hard for me to admit that, hey, I was sick. I will say, for sure, it was much nicer to be home and sick with the company of my two fur kids than it would've been without them. One would think I'm crazy to say I feel I was well taken care of, but really, I was. Yeah, I had to get up early and feed them, commit myself to play time, and dually commit myself to NAP TIME. One could tell when Bella Mae thought I should lie down. She would get 'the look' in her eye (and no, it wasn't her crossed eyes either!) Or she would hunker down on the couch and just make herself look as cute as possible.
I feel I owe all my getting better-ness to them. I love you guys <3

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