Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A sink is many things

and now a sink is a new territory to be conquered by a frisky kitteh. Nothing says love and adoration like a kitty sitting on a sink, waiting for you to end your shower. I'm sure when she sees my naked, glistening body she's trying to muffle her laughter :P

Also, a interesting thing that I have found is that Cordelia Joy is getting an adult tooth in behind a baby or she has a dual-pointed tooth.

Well, onto the day today. I'm sitting here full of mixed feelings on the show; Confessions: Animal Hoarders

Watching this, I'm trying not to cry, but there is a part of me that weeps for the animals AND the people (all of them) who are affected.

I've sat here, contemplating and collecting my thoughts. I've decided that yes, I love animals, and I have a hard time not wanting to help. One never said I couldn't help in different ways, and yes, someday I want to foster; but I will only foster so many. The most cats I'd want in my house would be a total of 4-5; and since I have 2 cats now...ONLY 2 or 3 more. And this would have to be a house, not a small apartment/house. A basement so there could be a proper litter station. (enough boxes for each cat plus one extra).

I wouldn't have more cats in this house than I do I said on Facebook, two fish and two kitties are enough for now.

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