Wednesday, March 14, 2012


bath time for the kids didn't go as picture-perfect as planned. (go figure!)

Figgy was easy enough to manhandle as he is just a little man. Cordie elevator-butt-peed on the side of the sink (!!!!), and Phoebe went all puffy-tailed in the water and mewed the entire time...but when it came to rinsing-full on crying.
I think people thought I was murdering my cats.

Anyways...after that was all said and done, I eventually went and had lunch with a friend. We went to the sushi restaurant in town-I had a fried sushi was amazingly good, but I feel like a buffalo. (hee!)

When I made my way home, I went back to cleaning/tidying...cleaned a litter box, hung some pictures...stuff like that. I found two canvases that were unfinished paintings-so covered them with color and will attempt to re-paint them something. (instead of letting them sit blank and sad.)

Then I went to the bathroom and felt very uncomfortable...and I decided last minute to go to Urgent Care to make sure I didn't have a UTI. Because, boy, that's more fun than I need.
I spent money (or spent future money) to be told I was well-hydrated and had clean urine. Go figure.
I guess better to know and come to the conclusion I was probably too acidic for that one pee, and after I hydrated myself to the extreme, was somewhat normal.

I signed up for some classes from Humane Society University. I'm actually's all part of what interests me...and I might as well do something that will be of benefit. One class is about animal/human paring as well as outreach...and another for recruiting volunteers. If I can learn anything, anything at all to help my local humane society-it will be worth it.

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