Monday, March 19, 2012

Cordie Joy

is 2 years old today! Hooray!

Not much...went to Northfield on Friday with Bill and had a good time. Did a little window shopping, got some cat food, and went to eat in a downtown restaurant vs. Culvers or something unoriginal like that.

Weather has been lovely, I went on a walk to the Post Office today to mail some bills...figured since it might rain in the afternoon I'll drive to work. Wanted to get at least some fresh air outside.

Went to the neighbor's on Friday was nice. I'm glad Bill had an ok time...he worries about lack of common ground and the fact he is very un-hippie.

I'm still in the "Buzz Cut" stage of the Hair Challenge. I'm probably not going to make it to 600, but if I get to 400, that would be nice. :)

Pictures from Northfield and Foxy (the neighbor's dog)


  1. Happy birthday to Cordelia! :-)

    BTW, noticed our Fuzzy Tales URL is out of date on your "scratching post," should now be:

  2. Eeep! I must fix that!

    Cordie says thanks ^_^