Thursday, March 29, 2012


It's more day of those damned antibiotics and I'm free!

There has been a lot going on (well, for me). I did think (and consider) applying for a Wellness position at the CoOp, but after thinking over it some...decided that it was an interest I couldn't pursue. (After I lost a night of sleep over thinking about it.)
There is one manager in wellness and one assistant manager-that means that there wouldn't be much flexibility with my schedule for volunteering. I started volunteering with HSNEI a little over a year ago-I can't give up on it now. Plus, being point person for cats-there are some events that would be best for me to attend. I'm on the board-I need to go to meetings regularly. I feel that it was going to be a very unfair situation...and I know one of the other persons that applied. If she hires anyone, I hope it's her. They are pretty close in terms of friendship, so yeah. :)
I need to decide about Petfood, too....(at work). I had fully planned to go in on Friday and do some stocking-however it was slow enough yesterday (I guess) that another co-worker stocked it for me. That job gave me a few extra minutes maybe every other week or so, and about an hour ever 2 months when I had to order/accept delivery. It's not really worth it...and I'm very easily replaceable.

Allergies have made me tired. I think I might have to get new shoes too. Or find an insert that fits, but doesn't make my foot hurt worse. My legs are starting to ache at the end of the day...that's really annoying.

My online class started, and I'm enjoying it so far...tho there doesn't seem to be much class participation. It's mainly the 3 of us doing stuff...and supposedly there are 7 or so signed up for the class. I wonder if the other students forgot.

The cats are doing well...I aim to work with the carrier and car situation today. Tomorrow my mum will come visit...I'll do a couple haircuts. And...I'm still getting a buzz cut.

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