Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Phoebe is being particularly adorable and 'mew-y'...for being a daddy's girl, she sure loves her mama.

Dr. appointment on Friday went ok...however I do have an infection...and am on antibiotics for 7 days. I get to take a pill every 12 hours....wee.

Watching The Backup Plan...nothing else on t.v. really :P

Cordie is being particularly mischievous....however cute at the same time.

Really there isn't much going on....I work today (as most of the week)...I get an extra Saturday off because a fellow co-worker can't work Wednesday. So I work Wednesday and have next Sat. off instead of working it. All I hope is my Saturday schedule doesn't get messed up...I should be off the following Saturday as well. (by my rotation.)
And to try and not feel guilty-even tho I work every...single...Sunday.


  1. Hope you feel better soon...Remember to take probiotics while on those antibiotics! :-)

  2. Get better soon... Hope those antibiotics do the trick.

    Pawhugs, Max

  3. Thanks to both of you :) I appreciate it!