Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In one of those moods

where I feel everything is too cluttery. I have had a lot of crystal/mineral formations out for almost 3 years, so I went and put some away to rest for awhile. I want less out...and then gradually bring some of the crystals/minerals out that have been resting for some time.

I'm glad I wasn't the only 4 year old to have a crush on an older man (watching KLG and Hoda) crush was Hulk Hogan. Serious.

I moved my little lamp to the bedroom. You know, it took me this long to put two and two together. I NEVER use it in the living room....but I would use it in the bedroom. Now I can read without that annoying little book light that doesn't really work (great).

I'm having issues. (LOL!)
Ok, so being the point person is great, but when it seems no one else seems to realize what that means and what it means on their end (in terms of communication)...the lack is very frustrating. My personality may not be as strong as some, however I have really good organizational skills that is VERY much needed-especially in the cat department.
I feel like it's just not happening....and perhaps I need to reiterate that...but I hate doing so on deaf ears.
Oh well.
Have errands to do today...get water for myself...get bottled water for the adoption event, see if I can flatten some crates and if they will fit in my car. Go to the vet and pay Herc's bill....the lady at the desk asked if I took him home (re-body)...uh. no. I's not my yard...and honestly, I don't feel like making a mudhole with hot water so I can dig deep enough. (plus I do not have a shovel.) Not like I would throw him in the garbage. He'll probably cost quite a bit since I said to have him cremated (however, not returned to me). I don't know what city people do with their strays who unexpectedly turn up positive for FIV n' stuff.


  1. Apparently I missed something significant, off in my own little word. Will have to read back regarding Herc, poor thing.

    Tucking away stuff that's been out a while is a great idea. I tend to "chuck" not "tuck." (That is, donate...and sometimes regret I got rid of certain things.)

    Okay, off to scan through your back posts....

  2. I have chucked, but will not chuck my crystals ^_^ Love'em too much!