Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Catch-up

I'm wearing my glasses for a few hours, but think I'll take them off soon....I'm going to wear them a little bit each day so I can start to get accustomed to them. Right now it feels a bit like I'm looking into a fish tank.

I'm on a spur-of-the-moment cleaning frenzy. I'm sweeping, swiffering, and wiping down the floors. Seems a bit redundant due to winter months coming...but they could have one more moment of clean. With all the ruckus next door in the other apartment, I'm now freaking out a tiny bit. I don't want Aaron to feel like he needs to re-floor and re-vamp everything where we're living when we move (someday)....I would like to leave it with a feeling of 'hey, they weren't so bad.'
I don't know how long the neighbor lived there...and I don't know what it looked like when he moved in there....so I should maybe stop worrying a little :P

I'm self concious enough to feel any amount of cleaning isn't enough. Doesn't matter that I have cats-I still think I'm not tidy enough. Grr.
I'm having a big bowl of pasta...surprising good for microwave food. It's a birdseye bagged pasta w/ veggies. I'm eating a little early because I did too much scrubbing I guess-my blood sugar went 'F U!'

So...I'll be going to see Smokey on Friday, and finally see LaVonne in person. I'm sure I've seen her at some point during my working at the Co-Op, but for the life of me, I can't place her. Anyways....yesterday I got 3 cat calls. It was such a mess. I went to the CoOp to send a fax and get some stuff, I head out to my car and a number calls me. I answer, he starts asking lots of questions-I'm not near my computer. I eventually ask him if I could call him back in about 5 minutes.
I get home, re-boot my computer since it had been having issues...start getting stuff loaded on Petfinder-I get another phone call. During this call, Cordelia was being a pill. She was pawing at stuff, meowing, making a lot of noise. I apologized to the lady on the other end as I told Cordie 'No' and "Shush!"
Then I get the crap scared out of me by a knocking on the door-I apologized to the lady again-answered it (because I thought it might be the landlord) but no...it was the UPS man delivering my WAG.com order a day early. (Great!) but god...could I be more distracted and rude?
I'm sure I sounded like an absolute flake.
Then, probably 15 minutes late, call the guy back. That went pretty normal. Then about an hour later I got a kitten call-someone has kittens they wanted to know if they could 'drop off'...however, we do not have room. She agreed to do a courtesy listing. We'll see. Not having luck getting kittens to move....at this point.

We're having another adoption day, on December 10th. I'm hoping Harry can be there, he's a very nice looking cat.
Figgy is on my lap, well, more like my leg...in a tiny meatloaf.

I'm worried I'm getting a cold....good job.

Barrett has a cold-I switched my shift with another co-worker so I could do cash closing for Barrett and he could, at the very least, leave before 8:30.

Backtracking....Friday I had a very ''off'' day. I wanted to escape and go to LaCrosse, but nerves eventually got the better of me. I guess I worried Bill a little with my texts. Basically I was having overwhelming anxiety. I managed to do recycling that day, then spent the rest of the day pretty much comatose. At one point I laid on the bed, staring at the floor. I guess it was a day for me to be in the moment, accept how I felt, and then let myself get sick of feeling so damn pitiful. I think it got to a point where I realized that feeling like that wasn't really doing anything for me, other than making myself feel miserable. I guess it was something that needed to be done. I felt a lot better the next day.

Last night/this early a.m. I had a nightmare....it didn't start off that way, but turned into it. I was talking to the guys working next door-there were kittens that came out of my neighbor lady's garage. Very cute, little fluffy, adorable, Fancy Feast-esque kittens. 2 calicos, the mother was a mix of dilute tortie and tabby (dilute Torbie) and there were a few tabby-colored ones and a black one. I believe a total of 5 kittens plus the mother. They were all fairly tame, and I remember chasing them out of the road. (of course, they want to run in the road).

I went to call a person whom I let borrow my very large carrier, on the phone with him I saw my neighbor lady with a small carrier jam-packed with the kitties. She had taken on a more villainous tone...her eyes were dark and she was very grumpy. I was excited she had them, and went to take them off her hands-I was going to make an appointment at Postville to take them to get fixed. She wouldn't let me, jerked away the carrier, and said she was taking them to _____________. (forgot the name)
I was confused, I asked who __________ was, and she told me he disposes of cats.

I was distraught and in tears....it jerked me awake. That sucked.

Ok...I think I'm officially caught up now!

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