Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rambln' Thursday

Went out for supper with a friend of mine...Bill isn't interested in sushi, so this was my opportunity to have some sushi and not feel like I'm forcing someone along.

Well, back to square one with the Kittens listing on Petfinder....the girl's cat did not care for the new addition. I'll have to admit-having gone though a failed experience with Bella Mae...and dealing with the girls and their reactions to Figgy-it's not easy.
I told her to not worry, and not feel bad...she did her best, and that's all one can ask. If one isn't mentally ready to deal with the adjustment period-it turns into a version of Hell.

Cordie is being particularly playful-I'm wondering if Winter does something to her...she's chatty and wanting to get into loads of mischief. Naughty!

I was on the phone with my Mum for over an hour today-it's amazing how we both can spend so much time on the phone and really talk about nothing for a good portion of it :)

I was bad-slept in again today...and I've figured out why my alarm didn't go off a second time-I forgot to set it. Good job! I was woken up by a foster person's call, they were telling me they were going to take a stool sample in to the local vet clinic (Harry).

Below is something I was asked to re-post if I thought it interesting enough-and I do. Some good, basic information for those who are more new to cats than I am.

Cat Anatomy
Cat Anatomy graphic created by Matt Beswick for Pet365. Click here to view the full post.


  1. Ah, I no longer feel guilty about not posting that web site's graphic. I left a comment saying I thought it was great, but prefer not to feature businesses. LOL. But I do like their presentation of the cat facts, think it's well done.

    Yeah, integrating new cats...Something that scares the beejeepers out of me.

    Caren at CatChat told me she applied the same scent to herself and to her dog and cat when introducing them. Great idea, I think. If ever I am ready to adopt again and am introducing a newcomer, I think I would get some light scent (I can't smell, would need help with that!) and use it on myself and any existing fur kids for a few days or even longer, before introducing the new pet (who also would get a dose of the same scent). Caren said it worked well for her, worth a try! (And presumably you'd keep applying the scent to everyone in the house till things were sorted out and had settled down.)

  2. XD haha!

    Not like I'll do something like posting a graphic every time someone asks. I hardly think many people read my blog anyways. :P

    I threw out an idea involving a sock...well, a pair. One sock used to pet the kitten, the other for the cat-then let the opposite feline smell the opposite sock.

    I think, overall, she just wasn't ready for how difficult it can be. I don't know her super well, but she loves her cat dearly-she hated seeing her cat so stressed.

    I wish I had a second pair of arms and legs....I want a sparkling water and my lower half is being taken over by 4 legged kiddos.

  3. What a great presentation of all those interesting cat facts. Thank you for posting it!

    Sorry to hear the kitten-new home introduction did not work out. We're purring and praying that it will go better next time.