Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tabby Tuesday and etc.

Well, I have some catching up to do....shame on me.

The Co-Op raised over 2,000-and two other businesses donated as well, so over 3,000 dollars were raised to be split among the local food banks :)

Saturday I went to the Booman's and got some pictures of Harry...he's still having some bathroom issues. I said that if he continues to do so, let me know and I'll call Decorah Vet...probably get a stool sample and see what's up. I'll be calling LaVonne the end of this week to see how Smokey is doing, and figure out a time to get some pictures.

If you go to Petfinder.com and type in 52101 and search for cats-I put up Harry, Callie, and Kittens. Wee!

Someone is working next door...I hate going to the bathroom...because you can hear stuff on the other side. I don't want people hearing me. Yup, I'm a weenie.

I walked to the post office yesterday, and almost got hit by some woman driving a van. She seemed frustrated that I had the gall to walk on the crosswalk-when the light was saying that I COULD...I'm a pedestrian, I have the right of way. I'm not going to run across the street because of YOU. Deal with it...or next time, hit me. I'd love to teach a lesson in patience.

Figgy is giving Phoebe a bath, which usually leads to him nibbling her ears and then resulting in play fighting. Yup...it has started...a war of bathing ensues.

We might get snow....I'm not excited.

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  1. LOL at your last line! No, I wouldn't be excited, either, and I know it's coming. Ugh.

    Hurray for a successful fundraiser, well done!

    Paws crossed for wonderful forever homes. :-)