Thursday, November 3, 2011

I slept in

and I feel like crap.

I'm feeling betterish now, tho, but still....why!? I'll tell you why. It was so warm and cozy...and then I was a nest for kitters. Hard to wake up when they want some cuddles with mama. However, the trippy dreams I'd been having...welcome relief to be rid of them.

I'm excited, there is a person that is willing to foster one cat that is a stray-I had gotten a call about this cat before, but the person who originally called never called me back. (I have now decided that is my biggest pet peeve. If your husband or whomever says no to fostering-tell me...don't avoid calling me, because your 'helping' turns into the opposite when you do that.)

Anyways, a neighbor of this person has agreed to take the cat in. Thankfully, she isn't interested in inquiring about declawing (hooray!) so this kitty will finally have a chance.

Fostering is sometimes's opening up your heart and home to a temporary companion. It's giving that cat another chance and finding that forever home.

I wish I had more space. I suppose it's good where I'm at right now. I can handle the three kitter kids I have...forever thankful they are in my life.

Tonight is Oneota Community Food Co-Op's annual Taste of the Holiday's event. Money raised will be divided among the local food banks. It's a fun event, however, I'm not feeling really 'dressy uppy' today. I will, however, dress up. Just wish I could wear heels all day...but that, likely, will not happen. I do have a set that is pretty comfortable, so maybe I'll try it...but bring some sneakers (that hopefully will be somewhat hidden by my dress pants) to wear if they become cumbersome.

Lil' Man had a vet appointment yesterday...spur of the moment 'he needs a booster and rabies.' I have been thinking about his neuter....and was curious to see where he was weight-wise (pound per month....he's at 3 pounds?! damn...)
He did very well...everyone loves him there. He seems to have no ill-effects from his shots. Hooray!

Saturday I get to go to the foster people of "Harry" and get some pictures of him. My first Petfinder listing!


  1. Things are moving along nicely with the fostering, Josie. This is great and kudos to you for taking all of this on.

    Have fun at tonight's event; I hope it's a huge success!

    And good news re: the vaccs, glad he's okay!

  2. Should also mention, my gum worries are alleviated. It's from teething :)