Thursday, October 6, 2011

I am totally

wishing for a day in bed. No such luck.

Got a call from the pharmacy, I had to go in and get my pills within 3 days or they'd put them back in inventory. Oh fine. Not like I don't work or anything. Plus with my being so tired and allergy-ridden (or something) it's been difficult-ish...for me to feel gumption of getting out. (before work)

Got my pills.

Otherwise things have been alright. Work is tolerable. I ordered my pet food and that will come in on Wednesday (sometime). I hope early so I can have a day off.
I guess we're having an all-staff sparkle night/meeting on the Sunday before I start vacation. I need not worry about only taking 20-some hours of vacation now. I'll be toodln' around until 9 or so. However, that means I'll be there pretty much all day. Doesn't matter which shift I do-I'll be there pretty much all day.

Things are still ok with the kids. Nothing very new or exciting to report. Phoebe still hisses and swats here and there. Cordelia is loving the playtime. Figgy's stool is still soft-but manageable.

Grandma (my mum) is coming for a visit tomorrow. I'm not sure she'll believe me that it was Bill's idea vs. mine.

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  1. LOL at your mum thinking Figgy was your idea. :-)

    Hope you have a great visit with her!