Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm not sure

how much longer it will take for Phoebe Layne to warm up to the lil' mancat. Cordelia and Figgy had quite a play today. Chasing each other around...she's so big tho, she ran right over him. He hid next to the couch to surprise her when she came back to the living room. That was funny!

If his tests turn out ok and the vet thinks he's healthy enough...I'll consider it more. It is taking Phoebe a long time to feel comfortable, and that surprises me a little. She was the one who was obsessed with Cordelia....loved getting in her face. Now she's a bit reserved with this addition, and hissy too.

Off to visit my Grandma, Dad, and my Mum today. Oy. Then come back to town to go to work.


  1. It may take a little longer for Phoebe this time. introducing a third to a two-cat household requires them to find a new balance.

    Have a great day of visiting!

  2. I'm finding that out :) She's getting better and has played with Figgy a little. I'm makins sure that Phoebe knows she is still my baby. :)