Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bill will take

Figgy to the vet on Saturday to get him tested for FeLuk and to see what the vet says 'bout him. I'm not sure if his very first foster person did that. He's had a booster shot, and was supposedly wormed...but look where that got him.
I had a bad day yesterday...with McCheeky, Figgy's constant pooping, and worrying that he wasn't eating enough, etc. I literally forgot to really eat. I mostly wasn't hungry tho.

He's been eating, his poop is still soft, but I haven't seen the watery stuff from yesterday. I'm still nervous about coming home to a poop-covered bathroom.
Now I'm nervous if he's FeLuk positive. Bill will be crushed, and I will then be worried about my girls (even tho it isn't that easy to pass on).

I'm back on my happy fem will be back soon...and that has me a bit anxious. (otherwise nothing else work related is bothering me)...the whole kitty situation has set me off. I've been more tired and under the weather's kinda like a ticking time bomb...I start to freak out over little things more easily. It's frustrating because I was doing so well. Makes me feel a little like I failed.


  1. So Figgy is now a member of the family, looks like. Welcome, you little cutie.

    Purrrrrring that McCheeky starts feeling a little better, and maybe lets you catch him sometime soon.

  2. He is and isn't the new member (yet)...I haven't signed adoption papers yet. I'm still waiting to see how Phoebe warms up. She's getting a little better, but she's still not 'there' yet. Her comfort is my primary concern. :)