Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today would've been

Bella Mae's 2nd "Gotcha Day" and birthday.
I miss her.
The kitties have been super lovey and cuddly and cute lately.

Waiting to go to the HSNEI Event Planning meeting and the Board meeting. A board member asked me to bring some of my cat toys-he'd see if he thought his cat would like any of them. (!!!)

I'm going to be visiting C & W Rustic Hollow Cat Shelter in Nashua, IA in October! They have a thrift store-so I will donate a pillow or two and a couple toys. I better get back to sewing. Not that I haven't been sewing. I have one more pillow ready to be sewed and I should work on a few more toys. I basically need to get a tote to put all the pillows in. I do not have room to store them. Haha! (But I don't really want a tote in the house.)

Bill has agreed to see if he can sell some of my pillows and toys at the Dog Walk next month (if I work).
I'm going to see if he can do it anyway...come and help out. It would be a day thing...and something to do. (together).

I was rewarded with an ale last night. Co-Worker needed the day off to take his mom to Rochester. So I got Black Cat Ale as a 'thank you' for working on a night I usually do not work (and one that is typically busy as well)

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  1. Sending lots of hugs today, on this bittersweet anniversary.

    Good luck with all the sewing!