Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm a bit

burnt out.
Long, busy days....my arms are upset at me.

I am, however, working on sewing catnip hearts. 4 more to go after finishing this last one. Easy to sew for the most part :) More 'funner' than squares.

Kitties woke me up at 4:30 this morning (thank god it wasn't 1:30 again) and then Mother Nature kept me up with storms. I'm tired again. Hooray.

Put plastic up over the screen door on the side of the house we never use. I think that will add some warmth this winter (I hope) all I need now is the landlord to bring his ladder so I can caulk.

The kitties are running around like they have ants in their pants. Cordelia got a good brushing...her fur seems less greasy now she's eating more raw food (freeze dried). Still a little dry tho...unless she's dry because of the brush I use for her (that wire brush)
Phoebe's fur is looking better also.

Kitty tag is much more entertaining to watch than people tag. :)


  1. That's a supremely comfy cat! LOL.

    I understand re: being tired, not sleeping more than 6 hours at night lately, if that. Maybe stress about my fall trip back east (family visit I don't want to make).

    Why isn't your landlord doing the caulking, etc., or having someone do it for him? That's what you pay rent for. Gees. Is he a slime?

    Nicki and Derry eat the same foods (bit of kibble and lots of canned) and while Nicki's fur is beautifully soft, Derry always has dandruff. (And I brush him every day or almost every day.) Go figure.

  2. He's not a slime...he is very busy with his job and a side-job. He loves if we offer to do stuff ourselves-with the door he took money off our rent since we did it ourselves. :) (he had us charge the door).
    I just wait a long time for him to do anything. He tends to...forget.
    He's nice enough, tho...and lets us have our kitty kids. I can't complain too awful much :P

    Maybe tonight I will score on the sleep issue!