Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My trap came today

and believe it or not, I had to go on Youtube to figure out how to set it. After I saw it...I felt slightly stupid.
My bug bite that I got on Saturday night is less itchy. Massively red tho...because I was naughty and scratched it to hell and back.

I had some glorious cuddle time with both girls today. A hair trim (I had to fix the back a little, but oh well)...and a chair massage.

Bill asked me to take vacation the week of our anniversary. He's going to take his vacation why not? I came up with a wonderful plan for some fun during that week...I'll post about it if he thinks it is a good idea. Monday will be reserved for my physical appointment (I hope) and my eye doctor appointment (new glasses and contacts...I have the same glasses prescription since '07)

Kitties have been chasing boxelder bugs for me.

I'm working on two pretty green pillow beds. My goal is to have one ready to stuff by the end of the night. I'm getting tired, so I won't be able to finish the other one until the weekend I'm sure.


  1. Ah, YouTube is a life-saver. LOL. Glad the trap came--and that you had great cuddle time with the girls!

  2. It was such a nice day! Getting to cuddle with Cordie Joy just makes my day better.