Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 5 of Kitten Catching

Ok, so the little furball was *thisclose* to getting trapped last night. McCheeky, however, ruined it by eating the food directly in front of the trap.
Picture some human woman sitting on her steps, drinking a beer, and flinging moist cat food.
What a win.

I didn't want to shoo McCheeky away because I'm sure he's part of the reason the kitten was so close. Plus I didn't want to freak the kitten out.
Ultimately, my mission failed. At some point the kitten went under my car and there he stayed. Not wanting to come out for food, etc. I ended up shutting the trap door and going to bed. I thought maybe if I left the trap out...and the food somewhat close to it...it wouldn't be so scared of said trap.
Not sure if the kitten ate the food or some other kitty did.

Talked to Barb this morning-she said that the kitten has likely associated the trap with the other family members being stolen away. Oh come on! I don't have months to wait around...I want this done NOW. This is cutting into my sleep.

I'm so hungry! I waited with daddy until that strange 2-legged thing came home. The metal box was out again. 2-legged thing thinks that covering it up will 'hide' it. I know it's there! Duh!
2-legged thing put food out....dad started eating. 2-legged thing meowed back at me...weird...but we meowed back and forth.
I could smell the food, but I didn't want to get eaten by the metal box!
I'm scared of some noises still...lots of big 4-circled things that zoom by.
2-legged thing threw food at me?! I'm still hungry.
I ran under the quiet 4-circled box....sits in the yard at night. Peeking out...2-legged thing peeked back. 2-legged thing is so weird!

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  1. I know it can take time and patience...please don't give up! Fingers crossed for this little one.