Thursday, June 9, 2011


Wednesday I donated my hair...about 11 inches or so. Gone.

Bill came home and he was going to surprise me. He saw it from the door...I sent him a text and heard his phone outside. I was sad, I had hoped to see that first look....nope.

So, welcome Josie from the 20's (I guess? A few people said I look like I have hair from the 20's now)

As reference, my hair was basically down past my breasts.
 (only pic with my hair visibly down and long)


  1. It does look like something a flapper would have worn in the roaring 20's. It does look nice though, plus will be cooler for the summer.

  2. I think it looks fantastic! But I'm partial to shorter hair on most women, and I think a good, stylish cut is so much nicer. Love it, love it, love it. Wish I had such gorgeous curly hair!

    Plus, how awesome to donate it--I assume it was for wigs, particularly for those with cancer, undergoing chemo.

  3. Yup :) Locks of Love. A couple times in my life I could've done that-but I hadn't been familiar with 'salon cuts' as my mum cut my hair most of the time.
    I'm glad to actually have it be curly now. Makes me feel much more 'fresh' than long and frizzy.

    Grew up with super long hair...I wanted long hair for a loooong time. I go back and forth...when I decide it's time for long hair again, I'll grow it out :) Handy when I could trim it up a little myself...this haircut requires another set of arms/hands :D