Friday, June 10, 2011

I feel like a bad mama

Phoebe is almost exhausting to play with. Because if I try to play with both her and Cordelia, she will always choose the other toy. Cordelia never gets a chance. Cordelia has become more...subdued? She's not going to fight for a toy...I can tell she wants to play tho.

Not until TODAY did I realize if I gave Phoebe a toy to occupy herself with, I could take Cordi into a separate room and subsequently shut the door and play with her separately. So we had some Da Bird time in the bedroom. Next time I'll try the other room...but I figure father away the better. There is enough room for some jumping/pounce action.

My poor baby.

And now since her appointment is coming up...I'm worrying about her weight. Now I worry she's less than she should be. She doesn't eat tons of food...Sometimes she doesn't like the moist food. I decided I might let her have her 1/8th cup of kibble once a day or so. It's grain-free...Orjien....good stuff.
(and Phoebe doesn't touch it)
I think she's fine....I can feel her ribs easily, but she doesn't feel like she's starving to death. I just want to make sure she *is* getting enough.

Dang, I'm tired. For sure do my checkbook stuff and start sewing. I might leave storage unit fun until I'm on vacation.

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  1. I have the same problem with Squirrel. Started when Mizz Purrzzy moved in. Even in another room with the door closed she is not as active as she used to be. Mostly because of the other cats reaching under the door. She used to jump 4 foot into the air, and do flips. Now she is very subdued in her play. Hoping more time will change things back.