Friday, June 3, 2011

Phoebe Layne and puberty.

I have decided that even tho Phoebe Layne is spayed...she has entered the land of teenage drama and puberty. Not yet a year old, I can see that she's starting to get more feisty and less compliant with me. The days of where she'd leisurely lie back and let me clip her claws. Gone.
Eating any moist food without any trepidation. Gone.
Letting me brush her teeth without a fight. Gone.
Biting me....yes. (partly because of her dear father.)

She's becoming more like a monkey on crack...running around, playing, and I guess, coming into her own.

My baby is growing up.


  1. LOL! Ah, the joys of the teen "years."

    Nicki tried to bite (not hard) when playing a couple of times when I first adopted him, but I quickly discouraged that. Derry has given little love bites too, a couple of times. But they got a hiss and a NO and a tap on the nose, and/or me walking away and ignoring them. Seemed to work!

    So many people think it's cute, those "love" bites, but I don't like it and really suggest nipping it (no pun intended) in the bud, if you can.

    I read about the nose tap somewhere, accompanied by a loud NO.

  2. I will do that! Thank you! I'm against the whole biting/bunnykick thing. Bill thinks it's 'cute'...but Phoebe's teeth are like needles and I find it unappealing. I can totally 'hiss'!