Thursday, June 2, 2011


The HSNEI meeting was interesting, but sadly the cat adoption spay/neuter info. event has been cancelled. Mainly because we do not have our spay/neuter program set up yet. And to not do a 'half-baked' job of the whole deal, better to just not do it until we're ready.

I will not deny I feel bad about this. June is Adopt A Cat month.
So I will continue to make my 'Kitty Kid Kreations' and hopefully, maybe sell some on Etsy.

I made a pink pillow for Phoebe Layne last night. I'm not as happy with it...but Bill says it is cute (regardless of what I say).
Cordelia Joy slept UNDER her pillow. I do not stuff them to the brim, I leave them stuffed, but floppy. Easy to nest down in, kneed, and otherwise situate for ultimate comfort.

The kids are enjoying their hunt for those god-awful June Bugs. (yuck!!!)


  1. I've been trying to get my mom to make the cats a catnip blanket/pillow, just a small one, but so far she's not biting. She loves to sew, and while I do have a basic sewing machine, I hardly ever touch it. Really have no interest in the thing (mom bought it for me about 15 years ago). So I'm impressed with your creativity!

  2. I'm too afraid to try a sewing machine. My previous experiences with them were....baaaaad!
    Maybe I could send you something! Let me make a few more and I'll post some pics up.