Tuesday, May 3, 2011


a friend of mine told me, after I cut his hair last night (and drank a little wine and started regailing him tales of my grandma Gert) that I should write my stories down.

I don't know if I have even enough for a book...he said I could write just short stories.

If I were to write...how would I even try to get it published?

And then....why would anyone want to read little stories of my life?

Granted some of them would be stories of coming to age...opening up the mind and heart, and dealing with loss.

I've always wanted to write...which is part of the reason I started my blog. Granted it's more of opening my life to you all...meeting new friends...I want to write a story or stories of my life with my kitties...and all the wonderful things Bella Mae brought to me.

I sit and wonder (yet again) who would read a story revolving around my very un-exciting life? Who would care about my cats?

Then I sit and invisibly smack myself upside the head. Other people *love* reading stories about our beloved animals...and anyone with a grandma would probably understand some of my stories.

So then...how does one go about doing it?

and other news? I'm still all sorts of jacked up. I was surprised to find out my friend/co-worker had mentioned my unhappy health to a customer/friend. She's been going through the same thing-warned me tho that if I start coughing a lot that I should go to the dr.
Per a suggestion from another co-worker/friend, I'm going to drink juice with some drops of GSE in it. Until my insurance is fully kicked in, and I have a card or whatever proof I need...I can't go to the dr. (and I do not want antibiotics)

I did manage to go to Wal-Mart to get more cat food. I got myself a mini-pizza for supper to split between tomorrow and Thurs. afternoon.
I got a chocolate bar because I had a coupon. It's kind of gratifying when you know you saved 3.50 off your purchase.

I also had a good night...(well, starting off well)...passed my vet assistant test, had a long afternoon nap (much needed). I got to watch the movie Joy Luck Club -and yes, I've read the book several years ago...but I'll admit to genuinely love the movie also....and I believe this is the first time I cried while watching it. I guess because I could see such mother/daughter relations that were similar to MY situation...being able to see and understand better now that I'm 'older'.

So to end with a quote from the movie: -She took best quality crab...you took worst; because you have best quality heart. You have style no one can teach. Must be born this way.
-Joy Luck Club (film)


  1. Congrats on passing the vet asst test! Yippee!

    As for the writing...There are a zillion blogs by wanna be published writers, a zillion others by published authors, lots of advice and suggestions out there.

    I'm NOT an aspiring writer, but one thing I do know: If you want to write--really want to do it--sit down every day and write. Just write. Anything. Don't worry about what it is or if the grammar is proper, etc. Just. Write.

    My ex used to talk about how he was a writer...But he spent more time talking about it than actually doing it and it used to frustrate him to no end that I'd always say if he were passionate about writing, truly passionate, he'd be doing it, not yapping on about doing it. LOL.

  2. A big CONGRATS!!!

    I agree with Kim, just write your heart out! :)
    Who knows what great opportunity might come along the way! :)