Monday, May 2, 2011

Still not sure

if it's allergies-nothing really seems to be working. And there is such a limited amount of stuff I can take because I dislike medicating and, one must be functional at work.
Oh well.

I sound...sultry. :P Great conversation starter!

So, landlord hasn't tried to contact Bill or myself after Bill left him 2 messages about the kitchen light. Hmm. Interesting. (eyeroll)

I must go to the bank, pick up more sinus spray (I've been using more than a spray a day...when I was prescribed it the dr. said I could while I was draining so much....then go a spray a day as needed.)

Um...uneventful really. I'm going to buy extra cat litter since I have a coupon. I feel I'll be more confident when Bill is out of work temporarily if I have essentials I need ahead of time.
Long day today...I'm sure I'll look as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today as I did yesterday ^_^


  1. Well, I'm out of suggestions re: allergies or cold, sorry! I just hope you feel better soon.

    As for stocking up now while things are on sale or while you have coupons--great idea!

    Hope you day goes well!

  2. Yeah! It's just finding room for those darn items :P I have bags of litter just sitting out at the moment-need to do more organizing.
    Will stock up on Fancy Feast food order is coming on Wednesday I think (paws and fingers crossed!)

    Scare tho...the pharm. messed up with my prescription, I was going to have to pay 48 dollars for generic sinus spray. NO WAY! I called it in while I'd still be covered under insurance....turns out on their end they did something to where it wouldn't be covered.

    Then had the run-around at the bank with the lady whom has done the whole deposit, transfer stuff with Bill's check to my account. Seriously...I try to be patient...but it was tried today. I get sick of them thinking I'm trying to rob my husband. >.<