Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some updates

Well, I got my tattoos done-but no pictures atm. They are in the 'scurvy stage' and frankly, look like crap. I got my one kanji covered up, but had to go a different route. The paw print was going to be huge...because it has to cover the symbol up completely. I ended up going with a black cat...had the pose altered a smidge, eyes made to look crossed, and a purple halo added to it. A memorial of sorts, for both my first cat-Cutsie, and Bella Mae.
3 paw prints were added around my kanji for love...since that is correct...I decided I should keep it as such. I'll eventually make a piece for my paw prints...but continually add prints as cats come into my life. (not frequently I hope!)

I didn't take my prozac yesterday, I forgot. I'm 100% sure I'm having pms issues...super emotional and some other physical signs of impending period-goodness.

I decided to trim Cordelia's claws this a.m. and when I came to her left paw, the first one was ....not there?
She seemed agitated and not wanting me to touch it. Some debris was stuck to that 'area' and I thought maybe she had gotten into some poo and litter 'clogged' it up.

My fears are confirmed...she has pulled her claw out. After soaking her paw and letting her lick it...(soaked in warm water infused with coconut oil) I can see a pink hole where her claw would've been. I have NOT seen any remnants of her blood...nothing that I can see to figure out when, where, and how this happened. Will set up an appointment for her to make sure it isn't infected...or at least get antibiotics as a precaution. It's close enough to her year exam...get that done (and maybe rabies shot, but not the other fvcrp or whatever...I find that unnecessary.)

Terrible timing for me...with not enough 'happy pill' and hormonal crap. I've done way too much crying over this. Somewhat embarrassing, but I'm pretty sure the majority of it is more because I feel that this is an indication of how 'good' of a cat mom I am. Even tho, this is NOT.
Also, because I'm upset I didn't see this sooner. I regularly check their claws once if not twice a I'm baffled as to when this happened and how.

Need to cut myself some slack. I'll update when I find out more...until then, I hope everyone has had a good weekend. ^_^


  1. Ouch re: Cordelia! Please don't beat yourself up...gees, I wouldn't notice right away if one of my boys lost a claw unless there was blood. Fingers crossed there's no infection.

    I hope we'll see a pic of the tattoos! Very cool. Mine looked okay when I first had them done, though they were covered for the first day, if I recall. I have only the three, have wanted a particular fourth one for years, but probably won't end up getting it done now.

    Oh, yeah...and leave yourself a sticky note, or whatever you need, to take your meds. :-P

  2. Yeah...I had eased myself to taking one every other day...that is-until I for sure had health insurance again. I think I currently have it, but for safety sake-waiting until the first payment is taken out. (gads...and it is a lot.)

    Bill and I talked last night (after I calmed down) and we're going to wait 24 hours (or whatever...end of the day today-Monday) and see if anything changes. So far she's acting completely normal-playing, using scratching post, eating, etc.
    Using coconut oil and colloidal silver...from what I've read it's like if we loose a fingernail. They say to keep it clean and let her keep it clean.
    Tues and Wed. I have I can attend any vet appointments :)