Friday, May 20, 2011

The kitties

have been letting me sleep in a little. Crazy! Tho I didn't sleep in too long today...have to work at 11:30. I'm thinking I'll walk to work today, but if it rains super heavy that Bill might be able to pick me up. I'll take my umbrella just in case.

Cat Committee (I'm on it!) we have our first meeting tomorrow. (exciting!)

I'm in for a long week next week, tho will have Tuesday/Wednesday off. I can go with Bill to his follow-up and then yeah...that's it?

The kitties are enjoying Addiction-Dehydrated Raw Food (Bushtail and Berries???) I'm going to put in an order for some more...before it goes off sale. They ate all the Venison and Apples moist a case of that. It's spendy for everything, but I have an online coupon code I use (and I'm waiting to see if they might put everything on sale for Memorial Day or something.)

I'm sneaky.

1 comment:

  1. Even when the boys *don't* wake me at 4AM, I wake at that time all on my own. Very disappointing.

    Good luck at the committee meeting tomorrow. It can be hard to get anything done when it's by committee, though. LOL. Hopefully not in this case!

    It's great the fur kids are enjoying the food. I wish mine would go for something like that, no starving them to force them to eat it involved (because I'm too soft to do that).

    Have a *good* weekend!