Monday, April 4, 2011

Dreary Monday

It is grey, windy, somewhat damp, chilly (very chilly because of the damp-not good with damp cold)...and I'm tired. Mainly because I'm having some serious seasonal allergies. Totally not thrilled.
At work I'm turning into an itchy-necked, scratchy throat, dry-eyed and sneezy/drippy monster. I didn't realize I developed some sort of rash on my neck-a customer pointed it out. Kinda eczema-ish.

Oh well.
I'm trying to psych myself up for my two long days. The rain might help-but it's not really raining so much here.

Bill is on the road again, and I'm not sure how the wee one will take it. She got to have him to herself a lot over the past week or so. She loves snuggling with him and trying to nurse on his beard. Now she's suck with me....for about a week or more. Poor kid. She likes to nibble and lick my fingertips. The more she licks and nibbles the more she's saying 'Moooooom....I'm huuuuungry!!!!'
I get up at about 5 a.m. or so to feed her. Better than 3 a.m. ^_^

So far there is pretty good harmony between the two. No one has gotten into a's just when I have to play with them. I had to break out my second cat dancer toy and have to have my arms spread out so they each have their own side, and toy, to play with. It is so entertaining to see Phoebe run around...she doesn't really jump up in the air...she will scurry tho.

The picture was taken last night after a long play session. Phoebe exhausted, and posing with her is the little toy mouse my mum aka 'Grandma' bought her.


  1. Yes, it can be uh, challenging to manipulate two wand toys at once, plus take pics of the whole thing. Hahaha!

  2. If I can accomplish taking pictures....that would be epic!