Friday, March 18, 2011

Today was goodish

tho I was feeling somewhat sad.
I did cry a few times today-my mum brought up the idea that I could very well, possibly, print off pictures from the computer and have them look just as nice as getting them developed. (for what I need 'em for)
So uploaded what pictures I had on my camera to the desktop. Looking at Bella I broke down.

Then my mum made some sort of picture-slide show on my computer-I cried watching that too.

Trip to WM went my printer paper and a couple other things.
Then we went to the CoOp for lunch; I was nervous as it was my first substantial meal in about a week. It went ok...tho after the book store my stomach was not so happy.

Book store trip resulted in my 'happy' purchase of the day-Glamourpuss
A book with kitties wearing wigs. Totally random, odd, and above all cute.
It makes me smile-it's all I need.
Upon leaving the store I saw one of those random box set thingies...CAT BUTTS!
A mini-version of the Cat Butt kit with magnets for your fridge.
I have cat butt magnets on my fridge.

How can you not smile from the randomness of cat butts? (I think they are the cutest butts)

Vet bill came-surprisingly not as much as I had anticipated.

Laundry got done, pictures printed (but not cut yet) massage was great (I'll get another next week on Friday)
I'm happy right baby is next to me. We had some play-time with one of her birthday gifts (since I have a busy a.m. tomorrow I figured letting her play with one new toy tonight and the other tomorrow would be appreciated by her)

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