Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Cordelia Joy!

Cordelia with her pretty i.d. tag
Cordelia Joy is officially 1 today! (Her FB has her b-day as March 1st because I didn't know when her birthday was when I had adopted her; later the date was up with her sisters.)

She has a dish full of food, two new toys to play with (a wand...which the bird doesn't 'tweet' like it was supposed to...which I guess isn't a bad thing....and a little canvas mouse.
We got extra treats today, because she got a birthday BATH! (yes, I feel well enough to wrestle her)

I got in the tub with her, she did well (overall) and obviously doesn't give a hoot on my deciding a bath would complete her birthday extravaganza. She's currently in a sun puddle and re-cleaning herself. I pray to the gods I got all the soap out.
I'm happy to say that she isn't fat either. She looks pretty much perfect when she's all wet-down. She's literally floofy.

Stomach is having moments today.
Mail either hasn't come or it has come but doesn't have Bill's paycheck. That means me running around Monday before work or waiting until Tuesday.

We're watching Cats 101 and I'm working on my vocabulary...but thought I'd share well-wishes with everyone and I hope that a great weekend is had by all.

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  1. Happy birthday to Cordelia Joy! Except for the bath, it seems that's she's having a pretty good day.

    Kitty kisses from the boys!