Thursday, February 17, 2011

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well, waiting for the coffee still. I slept in again. I'm thinking there is a combo of a sinus infection/tooth thing going on. Speaking of which, I need to neti...I'd like to taste my coffee in full coffee glory. Not sub-par dark liquid pretending to be delicious.
Regarding the possibility of a tooth-thing-going to set aside some money starting now to go towards an appointment. I'm going to ditch my other dentist and go 'Local'...if I'm going to pay over 100 bucks out of pocket I might as well save gas money.

I'm leaning towards the sinus end of the spectrum-because I'm feeling more fatigued and my cheekbones hurt.
Neti, neti, neti.

Last night was a very pleasant walk wasn't too cold and it was pretty out. Quiet, and I like destroying the melting snow beneath my feet (by walking on it).
I felt very thankful to be greeted at the door by Cordelia Joy yesterday. She's such a sweetie-even if she's high-strung. She'll talk and sing until I pet her.
Bella was also in good spirits, she hadn't thrown up or anything. That made me feel happy, especially since she had thrown up a couple times earlier that day.

I'm really trying to psych myself up to work out right now....I'm not really feeling it. I want to sleep some more. It makes me so frustrated to be so tired.

I'm excited, because sometime soon Bill and I will go on an adventure to Minnesota. Northfield to see the Co-Op and a pet food outlet called Chuck and Don's. Then go to Trader Joe's in Rochester. Rochester is not much farther than LaCrosse is.

I suppose...make myself jog for a little bit. That might be all I manage to do for a work-out today. I will not assign the word 'fail' to me...just let myself rest before my work-day.

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