Friday, February 25, 2011

Small Happies

My Mum came to visit. Went to the CoOp for Paninos and I was finally able to get a chair massage. Treated myself to 15 minutes of painfully good work. Now, to get myself on some massage appointments....I can get reimbursed now.

There is a new bookstore in town. I love books...the feel and texture. Something about finding a book in a store is simply therapeutic. I found a book by Jeffrey Brown-Cat Getting Out Of A Bag and other observations

He also has a book called-Cats Are Weird

If there was ever a book that resembled Cordelia Joy so much....

There is a candle store in town too. I treated myself to a small candle in the scent of Hazelnut Praline; it smells like Awesome. If Awesome had a smell-it would be it; like coffee and cupcakes.

Bella Mae is on my feet, curled up and sleeping...I will forgo getting up to turn the heat up (as I am actually quite chilly) so I do not disturb her. My time with her is precious.

Oh, and I reconciled my checkbook.

1 comment:

  1. Josie, those are wonderful happies! Good for you!

    I'm intending to go to the cat show today (Saturday), must also do something else to treat myself this weekend, after the hellish couple of months we've had here.

    Lots of (((hugs))) and universal Light.