Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bella's diagnosis is

old age. Literally, that's the most likely cause of what is going on with her rear claws. The vet said that in older cats, they loose their ability to 'shed' claws, and in essence they get thicker and more brittle (like toenails on an elderly person) and that I need to trim her claws-no if ands or buts.
I'll say I am perfectly fine trimming Cordelia's claws-have done so since she was a kitten. Bella Mae has serious 'don't touch me' issues with her claws (remaining ones) that I have had issues on stressing her out so much.
So...no more...it's got to happen.
I asked the vet, how old did he think she is....and he said due to something with her eyes and what they are looking like, and her rear claws-he thinks she's closer to 13 years old.
It explains a lot, but then it's also that I'm experiencing all of the joys and trials of a geriatric cat. The good and bad-I didn't get to grow into this at all.
Also came home to a cold and power-less house. The electrician was here putting breakers in (so I do not have to worry about blowing fuses anymore) and this was something that I hadn't been told of. Nice, land lord isn't a bad guy...but sometimes I think he's just not quite on the same page as I am. It would've been nice to have been told 'hey, I'm not sure if you'll be home or not, but I'm having the electrician come over to switch the power to breakers.'
I would've appreciated that.
Oh well.
All is well, everything is on...working on getting the place warmed up. Maybe since things were re-wired, it will use less electricity. That would be nice. He said there was a lot of electricity coming from somewhere-he didn't realize this ran on electric heat...so I wonder if anything was done with that. Hmm. My pocket book would appreciate some help in efficiency!


  1. Yes, it's a roller coaster with geriatric cats (and my Annie's only 10-ish). A roller coaster any time they are unwell.

    Heat's good. So's electricity. A call from your landlord would have been considerate. I think that here landlords are required to notify tenants before anyone comes in to do work (into your rental unit/house/apt), but it's been about 11 years since I've rented, so I'm not sure. Even if it's not legally stated, it's just common courtesy.

    Josie, *men* are on a different page altogether. :-D

  2. That's what I figured-a call if someone comes to do work. My mum thinks I wasn't called because the electrician wouldn't have had to come inside or anything. All work was done in the basement. Still-it's nice to know ahead of time if you're going to freeze your butt off!