Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

means apple juice! I'm on the last bit left in the bottle. Sad day.
Also, freezing rain, sprinkles, or otherwise wet stuff will be making Bill and I stay put at home. House marathon anyone? Honestly, I could care less...if there is chance of wet and that wet turning to won't see this person driving. No way no how.
My aunt and uncle sent me a small gifting of money, subsequently put into savings account so that it will go towards my class. I'm going to be signing up for it January 2nd or so. I just want to register so I get it 'over' with! Why sit and worry? That doesn't accomplish anything more than making me worry, doubt, and freak out internally.
Had another cry today over Bella. It's not easy. She's eating ok, but things are progressively deteriorating. It gets to were one questions 'when do we know that her quality of life has gotten to the point she needs to be put down vs. all the doubts and 'what ifs'
I have to sit and go over all the 'I knows' of the situation. She came to us with issues, there have been telltale signs that something was always amiss. More or less figuring out what. Having to accept that a vet gives their best educated guess....just like a doctor.
Still hard when you have 'Mother's Intuition' and know something is wrong, has been wrong and nothing comes of it.
I really really really think that she has CRF....that she has had CRF and that IBD was part of what was going on with it. She had high CREA elevations for most of this year (and likely last year when we adopted her after moving in) There are signs that point to her having had CRF issues all this time. She had a period of time where it seemed like she crashed earlier this year. Before June. She stopped eating, stopped couldn't figure out anything, blood work didn't seem too off. He gave me antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for her and they didn't do anything. Had to give her water orally, force feed her-nothing helped. She went back to the vet, they kept her about three days, and nothing was figured out. He stated he had no answers, gave me more antibiotics, and said if she didn't eat at some point to bring her back in.

Without too much doubt, I believe there is a kidney issue. Obviously Bella's quality of life improved upon moving in with us, so as my mum said, she could die with dignity.

Another day at work for me...I'm feeling run-down and tired. I feel like I'm fighting off a cold, in which I know exactly which co-worker would've passed it on to me. Good job sir!
Which reminds me. Cough drops must go in purse!

Since I distracted myself with searching for coupons, finding utter disappointment that they find a sneaky way to actually limit how many you can print (sad day!)


  1. Did Bella have a urine analysis? That would determine CRF. I took my 10 year old Annie in today for a UA plus follow-up blood work. She's hyper-t (for over a year) and still has been steadily losing weight over the past year+. She's lost another half pound that she can't afford to lose, so seems to me to be wasting away. But if it's early stage kidney disease I know there are things I can do, supplements to try, plus a lower-protein diet, etc.

    Just wondering if you've looked into things like that for Bella, though if she's IBD too, that's tricky. Poor girl.

    Lots of hugs and kitty kisses and Light to you both. You just have to do the best you can...That's all any of us can do.

  2. I'll look into that! They've never done it before, so, that could be an option.
    I'm not so sure she's as IBD as they think-seems a lot of the signs of CRF and IBD are somewhat similar with vomiting, constipation, etc.