Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Merry Christmas

So, while Bill isn't home yet I'm going to start doing some Christmas wrapping. Maybe put up a small stocking for the kitties.
Bella Mae is doing alright for the time being, got her ears cleaned up today. Colloidal silver and supplements of CoQ-10 and L-Lysine are in play. Aim to try out Milk Thistle too.
Cleaned the blue area rug today...the heat is on, I'm sneezing...trying to psych myself up for a day of busy. Snow is coming (again, yes, again) and that means more chaos will ensue at the Co-Op. Besides it being the day before Christmas means...people freakn' out over the weather.


  1. Oh, yes, isn't Christmas just the best time of year? (The mom is being sarcastic. LOL.)

    Even so, we do wish you a wonder-full holiday! Merry Christmas!

  2. I lived! Yesterday was busier than Wednesday...was almost called in, but I guess it was decided not to. (shrug)
    My mantra was 'Last day until Sunday, Last day until Sunday' :P
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday also!!!

  3. Hi Josie!
    I am sure it was a wonderful, meaningful Christmas!!

    Let's put our hands, paws together and wish for a better year ahead!!!

    Love from all of us here!

    P:S: Hope Bella-Mae will continue to be better and in turn, you'd be less stressful!


  4. Thanks Lupie! I hope this next year is better for everyone, even if they had a good year this year...I hope this next year proves to be a good one for everyone!

    (hugs back!)