Thursday, November 4, 2010

If you want a feel-good story

and you love animals, read this: is about a dog...a dog that is a Dogo. (look eet up!) He was used as 'bait' for a fighting dog. A wonderul, heart-warming story of a man who took him into his family. Bonded so completely to this dog, and the love he and his family shared. It's well-written, a good and easy read that is a few hundred pages long. I was reluctant to finish the book. I wouldn't have even read the book...but the name and the face adorning the book cover convinced me otherwise. I will say it's the second book I've read written by a man (Oscar was the first)
Well...that statement is probably false-ok, is false...never mind. I will say the second most memorable animal-story book written by a man.

I am congested, my throat is hoarse, and I must look cute for work today since we are having our big shingdig. My face is still achy, my mucus is still colorful, and I'm still tired. Having had fearful dreams-of myself being back in school and spending almost an entire day home when suddenly realizing that I was supposed to be IN school that day. (and you can't rewind).
Then when Bill kissed me goodbye, I decided to no dream about school and being late. Then my dream was still distorted and freakish.

Oh well. I'm going to call the pharmacy at some point and see if I can get in contact with a humanbean. Find out if the dr. called in a prescription or perhaps, just laughed at me.
My ability to get up and go is at a low today.

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