Thursday, November 18, 2010

I am probably one of the saddest people

you would ever meet. I bought a card yesterday...a card that will be from my cats. A card in which I will end up mailing I can have a happy surprise in the mailbox.
Seriously...I am pretty silly.
Chilling out with Bella Mae on the couch and trying to not express frustration over some pretty minute things.
Yesterday was a frustrating day because I ended up burning out a fuse. Not just that, but the 'Shotgun' fuse was burnt out also. So something is seriously fucked up with the wiring for this apartment; but it may be switched over to a breaker set-up soon. At least I think it will be. Until then I am going to be paranoid of my toaster. (Which I blame, as it was during my toast making process that things started to go wrong) and nothing else 'major' was on at the time either! I wasn't brewing coffee, microwaving, vacuuming, or whatnot. I'm paranoid.
I do feel accomplished tho, I was able to purchase Christmas gifts for the kids that were all 10 dollars or under. Creativity, play, and fun. I met my budget and had a little left over to get a chair massage at the Co-Op....also enough to take my dad-Dave out for breakfast tomorrow.
I'm chilly...and that is not fun.
Today is work, tomorrow is off running errands, buying pie crust, apples, cutting my dad-Steve's hair, visiting my mum, taking dad-Dave out for breakfast, and who knows what else.
All I want right now, is a hug.


  1. {{{hugs}}} to you. It is okay to buy yourself a card. Your cats would buy one for you, but they do not have anywhere to keep their spare change.

  2. LoL! It was so cute, I *had* to buy it. It's literally a Hallmark card that is from a cat. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow if I remember :)

  3. Here's a big, big hug!!!
    I'd send you a card anytime! Really!!!

    Love, Bin