Friday, December 14, 2012

Been awhile

I've found that with life being pretty good; I haven't had much to write about. I mean, really, I have a lot to write about...but have been wanting to wait until it's appropriate to talk about (I guess).

I found a dandelion in the yard today...what the heck?! It's DECEMBER. It's the 14th. It's frickn' winter...and there is a dandelion. Go figure. Most of the snow that fell on Saturday/Sunday is gone. My snow owl is nothing put a pile of blah.

I got the magical letter in the mail on Thursday, saying that a court date is set for December 18th (Tuesday) at 9 a.m. to go over the settlement agreement and see if Bill and I are still seeking to dissolve the marriage. We filed our financial papers; so we can for sure get a final decree.

We both feel better with life after this decision....and Tuesday should be D-Day....and then I'll really be completely free.

I've gone through the week feeling low, depressed, full of anxiety to a straight up shot of HOLY CRAP, giddy, excitement, and relief (hope)

I have Tuesday once it's finalized (which I'm assuming it will be) I will be going to the Co-Op, getting myself some sparkling wine, and drinking. If there isn't anything worth it...a big ol' beer. By god...I shall have some.

Life hasn't been on stand still. I'm actually in the dating process with someone. It's been pretty amazing. That alone is a lot to write about...I'll acknowledge that it's pretty amazing how life can change so much because of one, solo, did it on your own decision. And as cheesy as it is...It really feels like fate played a card to me.

The support of my family has been amazing. The support of my friends and co-workers equally so. Even my soon to be not-sister-in-law is happy that I've gained a social life, and is tickled I'm with someone who is a much more suited match.

Things are going slow. I live in my home, he lives in his...he has offered to help if ever necessary, but wants me to be comfortable making it on my own. (which I'm doing a good job with). The only thing he helps me with is affording to get massage for my gimpy shoulder. No bills or anything else. We have a regular "date" night; which consists of movie and pizza (or whatever we may want to do...go out-out if we desire)...and lately, Tuesday lunch dates (as his day off work is Tuesday).
And most importantly...the cats approve.

I resigned of my cat foster coordinator role with HSNEI; but have remained on the board. It got to be too depressing for me to deal with...until we have a shelter, or more people willing to's just not going to go anywhere. I feel much lighter.

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