Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last day

of crazy, summer-like temps. However, even tho it is actually grey and humid/damp outside. Tomorrow is supposed to be chilly, and after that, I'll likely start making my rounds to the windows and getting plastic up. (GRR)

I survived the Co-Op's MAD sale yesterday, I had the second highest in sales that I "sold"...I sold over $8,000 of stuff.
Damn girl.

My aunties Judy and Joan came to Iowa last Friday and stayed at the 'Stead until Sunday afternoon. First time they have left the 'Stead on a Sunday. I had 3 days of going back and forth-and overall it was a good time. I'll admit, I was exhausted. My mum was down, and trying to remind myself that I can't fix that gets exhausting.

Otherwise, life is going, and keeps going. I had 2 really good bike rides with a friend yesterday and today. So I did the full "loop" 2 days in a row. Yesterday the route we took I didn't need any breaks-today we went the opposite direction. I had one short rest break and that's it. I was exhausted this morning-so a text message from him was the only thing that really got me out of bed. "Would you like to go for a ride today?" "Hooookay...." get up, drink coffee, and really wish I was actually going back to bed. It's a week where my body can't catch up to itself. I'm tired as heck. I'm on vacation next week...a week of doing NOTHING. However, I must make sure to go ride. I can't be a lazy ass.

Kitties are doing well...which reminds me, soon I'll have to get Figgy in for a check up.
I had some reconciling fun-I thought I scheduled a payment online for my credit card...well, I must not have completed I ended up paying the full bill rather than 2 parts. So I was able to add in 79 dollars back to my check balance...sweet. I'm actually doing a better job of budgeting than I thought. Next month I'll finally be able to be caught up with everything-and no double charges for car insurance switching, etc.

I also made the decision to end coverage of pet insurance at the moment. I didn't touch the deductibles on any of the I'm going to try Care Credit for the time being and just add money into my savings account.

I'm seriously contemplating on leaving HSNEI for awhile. I'll probably get back into volunteering, but I don't think I'm a good fit as a foster coordinator. Especially for cats. I thought I'd be perfect for it, but I'm too soft-hearted, and it gets to be way too depressing not having foster homes available and always saying "I'm sorry" I also had some drama with another volunteer over a cat call that never happened. I really don't feel like it's something I need in my life right now. I did voice my feelings to a fellow volunteer who may be the next president of our group-she understands my feelings and would like to enlist changes to help me-with hopes that I might stay on. But I'll be waiting until the next year for changes...and I'm not sure I can go through another kitten season. I dunno. We'll see.

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