Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You know what?


I'm going to refrain from calling you a mean name. It's hard.
I'm sorry I gave you the answer you didn't want to hear. I did my best, but do foster persons grow on trees? NO.
So there.

Story is a vet clinic called the HSNEI line (after leaving a couple messages at the dog foster coordinator's home/business line). I called them. Someone left their two (all 4 paws declawed, up to date, neutered male) cats at the vet. I believe they were moving or something. Anyways-they called HSNEI and wanted to know if we could take them. I told them the situation, that I don't have anyone right now that really can; being we have pretty much only 2 people who foster.

I have someone who has said they are willing to foster, but is pretty specific about what she wants. Ultimately decided with her; it's best to wait until her mom's cat is out of the picture. (she has a total of 4 or so cats, plus a dog, plus 2 kids.) She didn't feel she could handle 2 cats.

I called the clinic, talked to the actual vet. He sounded less than stellar with me after I told him my "last chance" person said she couldn't do it right now.

I'm sure the cats are an inconvenience for them; but don't go and make me feel like an asshole because I said no! Do you think I LIKE saying no? I feel like an ass. You don't have to rub it in. It's not my fault this person decided they didn't want the cats, for whatever reason.

I'd like to make him be the cat foster coordinator for a day like yesterday. See how he likes it.

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