Saturday, June 9, 2012


I'll start off with the good. Took my daddy Dave out for breakfast for Father's day (early) because I never know what my schedule might do. We went to a diner that a friend of my mum owns. I got to see someone's butt crack the entire time I ate. I guess that's my hometown for you!

Went to visit mum afterwards. That went ok. No mention of my hair-got to see the renovations she's doing (pulled up the rug in the dining room, repainted, etc.)
Dainty (my kitty who lives with my mum-around 10-11 years old.) is doing very well. I wish I had known more about proper cat care. My family is basically a small-town Iowa farming family. Cats get spayed/neutered if they are indoors only-and really never go to the vet after that. Dainty never had a yearly check-up, never had her teeth cleaned. About a month or two ago-my mum actually pulled two teeth out of Dainty's mouth. (second time with daddy Dave's assistance). I'm not telling anyone to do this-I actually am somewhat ashamed that I didn't know what I knew now. Regardless, without those two teeth-she is a new cat again. Her coat isn't greasy, she's put on weight, and she is as happy and hyper as ever now. It's a harsh realization that I probably would've been dealing with her loss had my mum not investigated.

If that story doesn't inspire teeth brushing, I don't know what will.

Got some pictures at the 'stead, one barn kitty has one kitten. Ate some blackcap berries. Then I went to Smith's and got some pictures of my Grandma's flowers and some humming birds.

Now the annoying part. After my cousin leaves and dad, grandma, and I are gets the "look" of disapproval and asks me if I cut my hair again. He gets all huffy...I decide to be a little shit. "Grandma! Your son is picking on me". Ultimately Grandma said that she wasn't getting in the middle.
I basically called my dad out. I'm sorry, but I hadn't seen them in almost a month or so-and he's going to bitch about my hair? It's hair. I did the haircut for a good cause that that doesn't command any kind of respect? I told my dad if my hair is that big of an issue, I won't come visit until after it's grown out. I think it kind of took him aback. I was serious, tho. I really am getting sick of my hair being such a big-ass deal. I would love to talk about something else-NOT have my hair be complained about. You don't see me for a month-you start bitching about my hair? Why would I want to come visit?
Dad doesn't like my tattoos, but he eventually shushed up about them-do the same with my hair.

The thing that hurts-even Grandma said that they like me better with hair.
What a way to teach your younger generation about self-esteem. I'm not pretty or attractive with short hair (according to them).

Anyways, after that subsided-it was an alright visit.
Headed back home-had to cover for a sick cashier....decided to call the HSNEI line, and two messages for cats. The one was a little old lady-saying she needed HSNEI to call back-someone fed her a phone number (heard her talk in the background) and said she had two cats.
So I call back-no answering machine or nothing. I try one more time before I leave for work-then I find out it's a person I kind of know from a family member. Why did she be so sneaky? I'm not 100% sure how old her cats are. They aren't fixed, and both are going outside the litter box. She's not really taking them to the vet (she says she can't take the one to the vet-she bites) basically you've come to the conclusion that they have to be euthanized. You take them to the vet for'll let yourself get bit to kill a cat? You feel dissatisfied that I know I couldn't get a foster person to take them-because of their bathroom habits?

My respect for the person dropped a notch.

Then I go to work, and I'm finding out that my name was announced on the radio as having a birthday yesterday (or today) Whaaaat?! 10/03 is no where near 6/9 or 6/8. I've had it mistaken for 3/10 before.
Wonder how weird today will be.

Some photos from a nature walk last month....

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