Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sleepy Saturday

Lemmiesee. I slept in until after 10 a.m. today, however, Bill's phone woke me up around 2:30 a.m. yesterday, so I considered my sleeping in basically making up for it. I got a massage yesterday and I feel like Matt bruised me. However, it's been since December and I was really jacked up I guess. I have another massage toward the end of the month-figure after the busy-ness of this weekend is the pet expo, then following that is MAD sale on Tuesday, then all staff meeting on the 20th...oy. 

I'm thinking of going and getting my license renewed soon-my birthday isn't until October-but I don't want to forget. I work next Friday for Barrett-I have to help at the fair grounds for a little bit before I go to work. MEH. Too much to do.

That's good they weren't busy, it's always nice when little things like that happen-make it less frustrating.

Wow, that must've been a pretty expensive restaurant! I'd like to go to a fancy one-at least just once. However, I'm not sure how it would go since Bill doesn't like places that feed a person tiny portions. He doesn't get the art, and the fact there are several courses, etc. I dunno. Maybe it's best if we don't, lol!

Rachel (maybe another friend), and myself are going to go to an "old person's bar" this afternoon. They are having a derby-day event and money that goes into a derby hat gets donated to HSNEI. I'll likely just have a beer. I have also been invited to Pizza Hut for my cousin's graduation. He's autistic, and he's basically been in college since we graduated in '03. He's a high-functioning autistic-so he's been in public school, etc. I can't make his actual party-but I guess they are going to eat at Pizza Hut around 6.
I used to go to his house a lot on weekends when I'd stay over at my grandma's. When I was a wee kid, up until I started working at Hansmeier's part time, Friday nights my dad would take me to my Grandma Gert's house. When she was still able to go to town, etc. I'd stay with her-we'd go to Waukon for groceries, etc. and sometimes she'd have a movie for me as a treat. She is the only grandma who I could say "spoiled" me. She was the one who bought me about all of my disney movies.
Anyho, when it go to where she couldn't really go anywhere-my cousin said that I was welcome to come over. So often times Di would come pick me up, then I'd play video games with Robin all day. By that time, Grandma was taking afternoon naps, etc. and I really had nothing to do other than sit and read or watch movies.

Anyway, I'm one of the closest to him in terms of cousins, I think mainly because I played video games with him and visited him on a regular basis. He likes our other cousin, Shelby, too. He's really spectacular at games, Mario, Final Fantasy, like that. If he likes the game, he will beat it. 

Kitties are all nice and clean. They had baths yesterday. Figgy even purred! Cordie didn't pee! Hooray!

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