Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I feel like someone socked me in the chin. Maybe I had a fist fight in my sleep-or the kitties grew big knuckles and gave me a pop. I'll never know.

I woke up early today, and feel pretty good. I've gone to bed before 11 these past few nights...I read a chapter in a book I'm reading "A Cat Named Darwin"....and have been sleeping pretty well. (I guess)

I have a long day today, which makes me a little anxious. It's a "long day" because it's 11:30-6:30...and that seems longer than 2-close by default. I have less time to do anything.

I have decided I want to try a harness with Cordie and Phoebe. If they end up being comfortable enough in the car (not in a carrier) and ultimately find it less traumatizing...then I think it would be a worthwhile investment. That way, they can be happy...and I can be happy...and we'll all be happy.

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