Tuesday, April 17, 2012


getting used to the attention of my hair. (or lack thereof)
I've gotten a lot of positive comments and compliments, tho when I see myself in the mirror I still feel a bit "off"...that it's not really me. Ha! Maybe I should come up with an alias until I feel more cozy with my new look. I like the look, however I feel inspired to wear some eyeshadow and play up my features instead of looking completely bare. I think because I'm so much more in the open now...

I brought in a fresh catnip leaf for the kitty kids...Cordie loves eating them. Phoebe is being all goofy...rolling around on the floor and slithering around. She smells the nip on the floor!
Lil' Phoeblet will be going in for her yearly exam this Friday. Hate saying "gotcha days" mean dr. visits, but alas...they do.

I am hoping by Friday I can try the new walnut litter I bought (blue buffalo) on the kitty kids...if it works, they like it, and it is successful...I want to buy the original brand off a website I found. Cheaper...Purr and Simple is the "blue buffalo" litter...however, when BB bought it, it increased in price dramatically. (go figure). I want to find out sooner rather than later if the kids like it or not.

Psyching myself up for work.

Bill and I went out with the neighbors this weekend....our landlord was at the same place. He bought us all a drink! I found that pretty entertaining.

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