Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feel a little less cluttery

I took liberties and finished a handful of pillow beds yesterday. So my little area next to the couch looks a LOT better. It's one thing that I have the most difficulty with-keeping my craft area tidy. (Updated photos of the pillow beds I have are on FB and my Kittykid blog)

All in all I'm feeling a bit spunkier, but I'm still pretty tired out. Allergies, and "other stuff"...wear me out.

Tomorrow is the big day! I get my pixie cut. And I got my mum convinced to come over....and Bill will be there too! (work was questionable on if he'd be home or not).

So, I called and made Phoebe's yearly check-up and rabies shot appointment. It's going to be me trying to get her to not freak out about car rides. Seems she is freaked out regardless if she's in her harness (and not in the crate) or in the crate. Cordie, however, does AMAZINGLY better when she's not in the crate-so harness rides are her ticket.

Cordie has also been very cuddly with me these past 2 nights...snuggln' under the covers with me. Oooooh it's wonderful!

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