Thursday, January 5, 2012


things happen for a reason. Or, you decide that has to be why it happened so you stop feeling so frustrated over it.
My pet food delivery came at work yesterday, but the person who was supposed to call me forgot. She remembered when she saw me. However, after I had a moment to get the special orders together, I decided perhaps it was better this way. I'm going in this morning to stock the shelf and finish marking my boxes. This way I didn't have a super long day yesterday. I won't have a super long day today.

I do, however, feel like a bloated cow. I'm going to look and see if there is a digestive enzyme that would be helpful. My stomach has times on and off where one thing or another will bother it.

Phoebe is going to go back on coconut oil again-I think she might be a little constipated.
Scratch that. I did. It's so terrible...she sees something in my hand (qtip or otherwise) and gets this 'tail between the legs' that a dog gets when they are in trouble/naughty.
Like...really? I'm inflicting the most horrible punishment upon your furry soul? Gimmie a break!

Letting my car thaw-I will drive to work this morning and walk later. I'm going to come back, work out, shower, and then I'll be ready to rock and roll.

How could I forget!
Last night I was in the process of shutting my register down. We had a couple who were our "last minute" shoppers of the evening. I saw Barrett lift his head up, but quickly bring it back down and back to checking them out. I heard the guy say he didn't know his number but asked if we could look it up by last name. I kinda peeked over, I saw the first name (I hoped beyond hope I was right!) and kinda peeped...."This is probably weird, but I'm your neighbor, Josie...."
So I got introductions out of the way, shook hands, and laughed about how I had gotten Gabi and Gabi (Gaybee) and (Gahbee) mixed up. (two different people with about the same name, but pronounced different.)
Also let them know if they could hear me squeaking on the other side-I'm just talking to my cats...I'm not insane :)

I was all sweaty after the experience...being social sometimes is difficult for me. I did, however, feel a little better doing it at work. More of a 'neutral ground' sort of thing. I like my apartment...and how eclectic it is, however, I can see they decorated theirs very nice...and I'm no Martha Stewart. I do my best to keep things neat, tidy, and organized. I just worry I'm not 'woman enough'.

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