Monday, January 2, 2012

Mancat Monday

Lil' Man is doing very well, and it looks like the antibiotics are, indeed, helping his gums. I'm making it a point to ''brush'' his teeth once a day for good measure. He's completely back to his normal self....perhaps maybe a bit more spunky. I suppose I would be too if my gums weren't inflamed. :)

I cleaned the bathroom litter box...and before I got litter in it, he went and peed in it!

What a goofy lil' man. It's also obvious his mouth is feeling better now that he feels the need to shred sparkle pompoms and bite his mommy. He also does not do pilling very well. I suppose I should go to the vet clinic and get a pilling tool. However, my way around this for the time being is taking the two pills and mixing them with water and syringing it down. He's not a fan of that. I'm not a fan of him chewing on the pill and then choking on the powder. I'd tell him to "grow a set" but....yeah.


  1. We're glad he's feeling better!

    Derry has gingivitis again, though he has so few teeth. I suppose he'll need a cleaning this year, but I'm actually scared to have them do it at that clinic, never mind the $1000+ cost that I can't pay. I do use kitty toothpaste, he loves it. I rub it on his few teeth and his gums and he so-so tolerates the finger in his mouth.

    Nicki has tartar but no gingivitis, but forget trying to get kitty toothpaste into his mouth. LOL.

  2. We are glad to hear that Figgy is feeling better! We hope the antibiotics and brushing keep right on working (and also that you figure out the whole pilling thing...).

    Happy New Year!