Monday, January 23, 2012

I've decided

to seriously consider writing a book. An actual book that will actually get published...and someone might actually be willing to pay a couple bucks to read it. (HA!) I guess I'll have to see about that. I have a cousin who wrote a book...and in the town where I live, we have several local authors.

Decorah needs an author to write something about cats... activism, and volunteering. I sit and think that perhaps if I were to write something interesting enough, people might be inspired to volunteer with HSNEI or some other shelter. Or help a person who is looking for something to believe in, find a voice.

Seems cheesy, but I feel like I do have a story to tell.

Soon I will schedule a dentist appointment. Cleaning and to get (hopefully) the composite that was put on the back of one of my teeth re-done. Kids...eating disorders are bad. Basically I have composite stuff put on the back(s) of my two front (upper) teeth due to enamel erosion. The one on the right has been sitting tight for several years (no problem) but the one on the left seems to always end up coming off. I'm wondering if it's how I chew (bit down) and use my left side more than the right due to my being left handed? I have no idea. But either way...that's that. I've been ED-free for several years now, so don't worry. It's just I can attest that you will suffer long-term effects from your actions. Enamel loss and a lesson learned for the rest of my life. A reminder that sometimes having control over something isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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