Friday, December 30, 2011

Figgy is at the vet

and I am sure all will go well. However, it still makes me nervous to have him there. Also, wondering what is up with his mouth n' stuff.

We have new neighbors-I guess they are members at the Co-Op but only came in to buy a membership. SO...I still have no idea what they look like, etc. I hope they are nice. The guy is working at Seed Savers Exchange-so I figure if someone works there, they have to be a good person.

Arm is still tired and sore-I did give myself a break from the Wii last night. I'm excited...I have 2 days off in a row! I could almost cry with happiness.

Today I have to make a call back to a person I talked to earlier in the week. Katie went and got her foster kittens-however, ended up taking 3 instead of 2. The person had told me the parents were keeping 2-but I guess really "really" were keeping the 'mean one' for themselves and holding one for a person-who decided against taking her. Katie said where they are at right now isn't an ideal situation at all. However; they are doing the best they can.
We just do not have anyone with room to take in an expecting mom. Technically we don't have room for the mother, period. So this person would have to keep the cat and we could courtesy list it. (regardless).

I know some people might not be thrilled with the idea of my saying that a vet could and can abort kittens (depending on the stage) but there are times when it is the better thing to do. Especially since we have no way to make anything else happen-no shelter, no foster homes, etc.

I'll admit I'm a little sad. With something like this, and really...a no-win situation. Also the fact I have heard no response at all with the letters in the papers. I guess a person is not an activist overnight-and you do not see miracles every day. Sometimes you have to work for them.

Now my head hurts. Geraldine (the crazy lady...seriously) called me-wanting to know if it was possible to adopt back her orange and white kitty (after a year)....
ONE adoption call...but resulted in my leaving a voicemail-second attempt at getting ahold of someone reached a full voicemail box.
Called back the person with the mother cat-and am trying to figure out a time to get the cat transported to and from for a spay. Finding out schedules of the transport persons vs. what works for the vet, etc. Then my figuring out when I can get pictures...if June can go take them or not.

The sleeting snow can quit ANY time.

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